When you use MarketWISE, you will ACCELERATE new market entry, be hyper-aware of upcoming COMPLIANCE changes and create the ultimate KNOWLEDGEABLE team.

Energy Portal

Who this is for: Retail Energy Suppliers and Service Providers that want access to market documents and links across utilities all in one place

Product Description: The MarketWISE Energy portal product removes the pain of searching around blindly through utility websites, tariffs, repositories, and presentations to obtain current and accurate business rules and requirements. It provides an easy one-stop standardized interface to access frequently needed utility documentation and information, drastically saving time and improving employee productivity. The Energy Portal allows you to access necessary documents and useful links in a consistent format across all markets.

Demo: Energy Portal Demo

Benefits for You:
  • Find critical market info with the click of a button
  • View data across states and utilities in one location
  • Access via a mobile app for iOS and Android

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Market Monitor

Who this is for: Retail Energy Suppliers and Service Providers who need to be aware of how and when mandatory market rule changes will impact their business.

Product Description: This is a complete solution for managing risk by staying ahead of the changes in the marketplace. With Market Monitor, we provide you with advanced notice of pending changes through detailed reports and alerts. This will allow you to avoid surprises and emergencies. Additionally you will have full access to a team of MarketWISE experts during a monthly meeting where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the implementation requirements of these changes.

Demo: Walk through of reports included with your subscription

Benefits for You:
  • Leverage MarketWISE to monitor for industry change and keep you informed
  • Receive detailed intelligence reports that give you complete descriptions of changes
  • Review specific action items and system implementation requirements
  • Discuss upcoming impacts with MarketWISE experts at a monthly meeting
  • Be alerted to major or sudden changes via timely emails to your team

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Virtual Retail Analyst

Virtual Retail Analyst

Who this is for: Retail Energy participants of all kinds who are impacted by how business is conducted differently across Retail Energy markets

Product Description: The Virtual Retail Analyst will be the new smartest resource in your business! This product serves as a resource that has endless market knowledge. Never before has so much information on Retail Energy business rules been consolidated into a single source and offered to the industry. The product can save you countless hours of effort, accelerate your ability to enter new markets, and give you the equivalent knowledge of combining many industry experts into one.

Benefits for You:
  • Discover the ultimate one stop shop for information across all Retail Energy markets
  • Benefit from thousands of hours of research conducted by MarketWISE
  • Access over 200 business rules, FAQ answers, and data points for each utility
  • Complete a gap analysis between multiple markets in seconds
  • Find the answers instantly to all of your questions for a particular market
  • Save endless hours of effort digging around on utility websites
  • Enter new markets with ease, and "Power Your Growth!"

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Customized Solutions

Expert Consulting

Who this is for: Retail Energy participants of all kinds who could use some customized help from a team of industry experts

Product Description: Engage experienced consultants who can solve your energy deregulation questions and problems. Sign up for a retainer of hours to guarantee instant access to help when you need it. Raise your team's performance and receive assistance with on-demand answers to many of your most pressing questions. Let us help you with market entry project management, EDI testing coordination, and operational systems/process auditing. MarketWISE’s streamlined process can cut months off of your next market entry project, saving you hundreds of man hours, enabling you to generate revenue sooner and compete more effectively.

Benefits for You:
  • Receive on-demand answers to your Retail Energy questions
  • Increase the effectiveness of your team by leveraging MarketWISE expertise
  • Accelerate your next market entry or risk audit project

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Market Training

MArketwise training

Who this is for: Retail Energy participants of all kinds who want to increase the knowledge base of their team

Product Description: MarketWISE delivers onsite or virtual training to set your team up for success. We offer multiple curriculum options, such as: Deregulated Energy 101 (Now in a Learning Management System) for new hire on-boarding, market specific up-training for cross-functional teams, and detailed technical EDI/transaction training. Need something else? Let us know and we will create training classes customized to your company.

Benefits for You:
  • Learn from industry experts who will make your full team more effective
  • Empower your team to succeed in this complex industry
  • Bring your new hires up to speed and make them productive more quickly

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