2017 - A Glass Half Empty or a Glass Half Full!

7/3/2017 6:44:25 PM -

Our end of June Energy Currents indicates that…WOW! We are half way through 2017! There has been quite a bit of reported market changes so far this year.

  • In Connecticut, we reported on Senate Bill 2 (SB2) and the need for accurate and complete information on the residential customer bill.
  • In Maryland, we reported on RM54 changes relative to 3 business day switching. 
  • In New York, we continue reporting on the Prohibition Order and the impact on Utilities, Suppliers and low-income customers. 
  • We have kept you aware of the various Change Controls being addressed within each state Working Group and the potential impact they may have. 
  • We have kept you posted on utilities implementing new internal systems that are permanent improvements but… sometimes have temporary inconveniences.

The remainder of 2017 does not look like it’s going to slow down.  So, we ask… Are you managing market change or, due to lack of lead time and understanding of the change details, is market change managing you?  Contact us about how MarketWise can be your partner with a WISE solution. 

          Watch - Monitor for upcoming changes in the market
           Interpret - Analyze the impact of the changes on your business
          Strategize - Develop implementation requirements
          Empower - Arm your team with timely information