What's Your Training Plan?

6/1/2017 6:43:55 PM -

We have made it to June again, graduation season, and new graduates everywhere are anxiously preparing for their first full time jobs.  Meanwhile, many of you have been painstakingly awaiting a long-promised addition to your staff to deal with current and planned work load the remainder of this year. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get one of these new college hires to help fill out your team and accomplish your goals.  Or maybe you’ve brought on an experienced technical resource that has only ever worked in Banking or Healthcare.  Whatever the situation for your new hires, initially you are going to need to invest considerable amounts of your precious time indoctrinating the new recruits before you gain any benefits.

So, what is your plan to get your new employees up and running as quickly as possible?  You could give them stacks of materials to read their first week and then begin taking them to meetings with you, saying,  “Just listen and take notes and I’ll explain what you don’t understand after the meeting”.    You remember those meeting when you first got into the industry, right?

“Ok, we are getting together today to talk about our sales campaign to enter Electric and Gas Markets in both PJM and NEISO.  We will be concentrating on the Rate Ready markets that are currently offering POR,  but we are also interested in understanding which utilities are providing bill quality interval usage both pre and post enrollment, to support our TOU rate products.   Additionally, we need to get up to speed on what is in place and being discussed around Net Metering, including the registration and settlement processes.  Finally, we need to review our NY business and decide if we should seek waivers to continue to serve APP customers and implement the EDI 503 credit process, or be prepared to generate drops upon receipt of Utility files identifying APP customers.  Any questions?”

Luckily, there is a better way to introduce your new hires to the industry.  MarketWISE offers Deregulated Electric and Gas 101 training courses, which can be delivered in person or via electronic meeting to a group or an individual.  We can also conduct more detailed training specific to individual markets to prepare teams for new market entries.  Let’s discuss a training plan that meets your needs and budget to help you get the most from your team this year.

Tom Dougherty  -  Owner MarketWISE
email - tdougherty@mrktwise.com